Constanze Ruhm

Constanze Ruhm


Born in Vienna, lives in Vienna and Berlin. Artist, filmmaker, author, curator. Studies at Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, Institute of New Media, Städelschule Frankfurt/Main. Professor for video and film since 1996 (Hochschule für Gestaltung Offenbach am Main; Merz Akademie Stuttgart; Art Institute Boston/Lesley University; since 2006 Academy of Fine Arts Vienna).


International exhibitions, film festivals, curatorial projects and film screenings / programs; symposia, workshops, public talks and presentations as well as numerous publications. Her works investigate the relations between fiction and reality, they appear on cinema screens as well as in exhibition / installation formats, and focus – always from a feminist perspective – on film history and the representation of female film characters, in order to reframe these in a contemporary manner and outside of hegemonic patriarchal narratives.




Gli appunti di Anna Azzori / Uno specchio che viaggia nel tempo (2020, 71 min.)

Comparing Local Spectres (2015, 18 min.)

Panoramis Paramount Paranormal (2014-16, 54 min.) mit Emilien Awada

Kalte Probe (2013, 90 min.) mit Christine Lang

Crash Site / My_Never_Ending_Burial_Plot (2010, 69 min.)

X Love Scenes / Pearls without a String (2007, 58 min.)

X NaNa / Subroutine (2004, 30 min.)

X Characters / RE(hers)AL (2003/4, 62 min.)

A Memory of the Players in a Mirror at Midnight (2001, 26 min.)

Travelling / Plan 234 / Extérieur Nuit (1999/2005, 2:40 min.)

Evidence (1999, 5:30 min.)

Apartment (1999, 18 min.)

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