Constanze Ruhm

Constanze Ruhm

Constanze Ruhm


Born in Vienna, lives in Vienna and Berlin. Artist, filmmaker, author, curator. Studies at Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, Institute of New Media, Städelschule Frankfurt/Main. Professor for video and film since 1996 (Hochschule für Gestaltung Offenbach am Main; Merz Akademie Stuttgart; Art Institute Boston/Lesley University; since 2006 Academy of Fine Arts Vienna).


International exhibitions, film festivals, curatorial projects and film screenings / programs; symposia, workshops, public talks and presentations as well as numerous publications. Her works investigate the relations between fiction and reality, they appear on cinema screens as well as in exhibition / installation formats, and focus – always from a feminist perspective – on film history and the representation of female film characters, in order to reframe these in a contemporary manner and outside of hegemonic patriarchal narratives.



Gli appunti di Anna Azzori / Uno specchio che viaggia nel tempo (2020, 71 min.)

Comparing Local Spectres (2015, 18 min.)

Panoramis Paramount Paranormal (2014-16, 54 min.) mit Emilien Awada

Kalte Probe (2013, 90 min.) mit Christine Lang

Crash Site / My_Never_Ending_Burial_Plot (2010, 69 min.)

X Love Scenes / Pearls without a String (2007, 58 min.)

X NaNa / Subroutine (2004, 30 min.)

X Characters / RE(hers)AL (2003/4, 62 min.)

A Memory of the Players in a Mirror at Midnight (2001, 26 min.)

Travelling / Plan 234 / Extérieur Nuit (1999/2005, 2:40 min.)

Evidence (1999, 5:30 min.)

Apartment (1999, 18 min.)