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Ahmad Zohadi

Architectural Scholar, Visionary leadership and planner, theoretician, researcher, publisher and organizer of international architectural events;

2A Magazine was established under the leadership of Ahmad Zohadi [Founder, Editor-in-Chief, CEO and Publisher].

In accordance with the regulation of 2A Magazine and based on the theme in each issue, Ahmad leads and invites the guest editors as professionals and experts to focus on the theme and finalize the contributions, Below are some of the significant architectural themes and studies which have been published in 2A Magazine accordingly.

– High in the Middle East, Autumn 2006

– Architecture & Tourism, Winter 2007

– Nomadism, June 2007

– Sustainability, Innovation and Nanotechnology, Autumn 2007

– Research Project on Sustainable Design [Re- Conceiving the Built Environments of the Persian Gulf Region], Winter 2008

– Architecture: Linking Interior and Urban Environments, Spring 2008

– Boutique City: Design for Sale, Summer 2008

– Design Sustainability and Green Communities, Summer 2009

– Museum in the Middle East, Spring 2010

– Architecture & Landscape [The Dialogue with Nature], Summer 2010

– Architecture, Culture and Spirituality, Two editions- Autumn 2009 & Spring 2011

– Iranian Architecture & Art Today, Autumn 2011

– Women’s Voices in Architecture & Design, Winter 2011

– Eco- Form, Spring 2012

– Contemporary Indian Architecture, Summer 2012

– Featured Edition: Qatar Architecture Old & New, Summer 2013

– Resurgent Urbanism: The Challenge to the Middle Eastern Cities, Winter 2014

– The Past, Present and Future State of Architecture in Turkey, Winter 2015

– Architecture is the Social Application of Art, Summer 2016

– Uniting Through Architecture, Summer 2017

– Compatibility of Form with its Surrounding Environment, Summer 2018

– Architecture & Displacement, Summer 2020

A review of the 2A viewpoints:

Based on the 2A’s viewpoints, “Architecture is an art and profession, which plays a multi-dimensional role in any society. Its function and responsibility is not merely to create beautiful living spaces, it has to reflect and respond to the social, cultural and economical needs and challenges of that specific society, country, region or continent.
Even within a certain society, there are different groups and issues, which may need special support and consideration. 2A magazine has been committed to focus on these challenges in the past 16 years and important local and global concerns have been published.

The magazine also is a sensitive and effective media element which can reflect an actual image of architecture by focusing on different regional architecture and promote the importance and necessities of considering ”Architecture and Design Achievement, Culture, Social Evolution, Education, Social-ethics, Environmental- ethics, Observation learning”.

Furthermore, The 2A‘s activities such as organizing annual architectural awards are in fact shaping and creating a new and positive transformative trend to flourish for well- balanced living and be presented multi-dimensionally by expanding interactions in architecture, and also helping architectural designers to expand their horizons to become more creative and professionally aware of multiple aspects of this amazing art and profession.


He is also Founder, Director and Head of Organizing Committee of the following 2A activities:

– 2A Annual Continental Architectural Awards [2ACAA]

Based on the professional architectural structure and criteria, 2ACAA has been organized to hold since 2015 and by now the 2A special edition has also been published for each year perfectly based on the following themes:

– 2A Asia Architecture Award 2015 , Host and Academic Partner: Istanbul Technical University [ITU]

– 2A Asia Architecture Award 2016, Academic Partner: academic of fine arts vienna

– 2A Continental Architectural Awards [2ACAA] for Asia & Europe 2017, Academic Partner: Beuth Hochschule fur Technik Berlin

– 2A Continental Architectural Awards [2ACAA] for Asia & Europe 2018, Academic Partner: IaaC, Barcelona

– 2A Continental Architectural Awards [2ACAA] for Asia- Oceania, Europe, Africa, South & Central America and North America 2019, Host & Academic Partner: Polytechnic University of Madrid

– 2A Continental Architectural Awards [2ACAA] for Asia- Occeania, Europe, Africa, South & Central America and North America 2020, Online

– 2A City- Architecture Movie Award [2ACAMA]

– 2A ArchiPedia [Architectural Encyclopedia]

– 2A Paragon City [Urban Interaction Forum]

2A Gallery for Contemporary Art

2A International Institute of Architecture & Culture

2A Center for Architectural Research & Developments

Ahmad Zohadi believes that 2A Magazine is much more than a specialized architectural and art media, it amplifies the voices of the architects and artists to promote cultural understanding and innovate the space and environment.

Based on his target points, The magazine’s contents and themes of the 2A activities, focuses on the following significant viewpoints.

  • Well- Balanced Living and Multidimensional Growth & Progress
  • Creating a Better Living Space in Cities around the Globe
  • Integrating Various Aspects of Architecture (Social, Cultural and Environmental)

Note: 2A Magazine is also a communication tool for Architecture & Art, which focuses on social and cultural points in all dimensions of form, figure and space which absolutely affects our lives.

Furthermore, it provided a platform for sharing ideas of various origins about different themes which could be an effective way for recognition of architectural features and reality of today’s life.

Editorial Chairs & Advisory Board

Guests Editors of 2A Magazine 2006-2020

Organizing Committee of 2A Awards

Jury Members of 2A Continental Architectural Awards (2ACAA 2015- 2021)

Jury Members of 2A City- Architecture Movie Award (2ACAMA 2020)

2A Magazine

2A Magazine [as an international and professional architectural and art magazine] was established by Khalid Habib Alredha and Ahmad Zohadi in 2005 and was set up to provide unique research in the field of architecture and landscape as an international hub for architectural studies.

However, these activities and organizations have acted in a separate manner and in a somehow decentralized fashion.

In order to be more effective and efficient, 2A Magazine brings all the 2As’ activities under one umbrella.

This 2A Magazine’s goal is to improve standard of living, by raising awareness about environment, sustainable development, well- balanced living, sharing and suggesting creative & innovative ideas and methods for multidimensional growth and progress, respecting and taking in to consideration various cultures, costumes, religions, ethnic and social beliefs, and covering many other aspects of social life.

In order to achieve this goal, the activity plans to act in a more coordinated manner while organizing its future International events, by presenting all these activities together, side by side.
In doing so, the participants of various groups of activities can easily interact together and share their creative & innovative ideas and projects in their related profession.
And collectively they can come up with a more holistic vision and strategy which would cover all the essential dimensions needed to achieve a well- balanced and progressive way of living for humans , by helping them to put to practice the learned lessons, knowledge and strategies which lead them to respect the environment, takes in to consideration and promotes respect and caring for their fellow human beings, regardless of their ethnic, cultural , social, religious and economic backgrounds.

2A Magazine intends to establish a polyphonic relationship with the professional, international audience and should therefore focus on structures that make this relationship possible with-in its most comprehensive form.

Today, despite major achievements in communication media, our world is greatly in need of interrelated dialogue,which can decrease notions of negligence and hostility.
No doubt, understanding one another can lead us to a more peaceful yet innovative and lively neighborhood.

Hence, we constantly keep in mind the realities of the world and still deeply believe in the importance of local culture.
Moreover, the diversity of works and articles presented in 2A Magazine clearly reflect the concept we follow.

The following activities and organizations will all continue their operation , however in a centralized manner , and will include various activities and events organized by 2A Magazine.

Finally, focusing the theme of:
Help Enhance Peace, Compassion and Unity around the World

Any form of art like architecture have a magical quality which may be subtle and invisible to many people. It has the power to help both the artists and its observers to shift their attention and viewpoints from the material to more subtle aesthetic, ethical, social, cultural and sometimes spiritual dimensions. And in doing so it helps to bring people closer together, and enhance peace, kindness and unity among different ethnic groups and nations. In a way, it shifts the locus from segregation to unity. From a dividing mental approach which may focus only on differences which tries to show one group is superior to another into a more humanistic and even spiritual approach which focuses on similarities and unifying factors such as aesthetic, common human emotions such as need to love, charity and worship.

2A Continental Architecture Awards for Asia- Oceania, Europe, Africa, South & Central America and North America [2ACAA]

2ACAA is that series of Architecture Awards that have been designed to recognize the significant architectural contributions of various organizations and individuals worldwide.

2A Magazine [International Hub for Architectural Studies] as organizer of 2ACAA now to achieve a border goal, which is bringing architects who are also creative artists together and providing an opportunity for sharing and interacting ideas to reflect the following architectural feedbacks:

  • International Interaction and Exchanging Theories and Practices of Architecture
  • Contextual Analysis and Studies in the Continents
  • Architectural Networking Between Continents
  • Different Continents, One Common Goal
  • Help enhance peace
  • Friendship
  • Disseminate the wave of unity
  • Uniting Through Architecture

Meeting this goal, 2A Magazine has taken another step toward creating a forum for all architects around the globe to expand and enrich their vision about architecture which is 2ACAA and it has been holding since 2015.

In Spite of being a multinational – global architecture award, 2ACAA still preserves the essence of uniqueness among all the continents. It is indeed a prestigious and unique global opportunity for architects all across the world to enrich and expand their Architectural knowledge and vision through the profound, in-depth and fascinating exchange of ideas from different parts of the world influenced by multiple cultures, customs, traditions, beliefs, inventions, themes and experiences.
These Architecture Awards is a forum that facilitates professional interaction among participants about the new endeavors of the architecture world, and it’s about exploration and discussion of the major accomplishments of the Architectural Arena.

2A Continental Architectural Awards [2ACAA] will be a landmark and turning point allowing practitioners to pause and reflect upon what the continents, as a part of the global community have achieved in the field of architecture.

2A City- Architecture Movie Awards [2ACAMA]

Observation and evaluation of the creative and thoughtful ideas alongside bringing two Arts of Architecture and Movie- Cinema together and presenting innovative architecture in 2A City- Architecture Movie Awards. The urban design and architectural presentation by Movies have a unique sensibility in regards to the recognition of the projects, on the other hand, architectural movies also reflect many various artistic and aesthetic aspects of architecture. because it has some plausible advantages in its type of presentation.

2ACAMA has also the following effects:

  • Offering you types of lifestyle and viewpoints toward a better life.
  • Encouraging people and professionals to better understand and respond to environmental and humanistic needs while designing a living space in their cities.
  • Recognition of the required spaces in accordance with the mentality of different people and creating the culture of constructing these spaces.
  • Generating the mindset of interaction and unity among a society to achieve the good for living spaces.
  • Making the comfort and prosperity of people in their living spaces and cities the priority, which would accommodate and respect all civil rights of its people which is costumery in all advanced cities and communities.

2A Center of Paragon City

The 2A Magazine introduces an initiative called “Paragon City [Urban Interaction Forum]” to create an improved in-habitat for inhabitants from all over the world. With this, we establish a framework that helps leaders make over the vision into an accomplishment, using space as a significant source for development as well as engaging stakeholders along the way.

  • Presentation of valuable characteristic, And to provide a specific profile for the cities by registration in Paragon City (Urban Interaction Forum)
  • Paragon City (Urban Interaction Forum)
    registers the status of the city based on its categories, and that city is published as an independent reference.
  • Presentation of Diverse and Significant Cities around the Globe in 2A Paragon City [Urban Interaction Forum]Recognition of the valuable cities in the world, based on the previously published parameters of Paragon City.The prominent list of paragon cities will be provided every year and be declared globally as a unique reference of “Urban Interaction Forum” across the Globe.The list could be the key for identifying the most valuable cities as the Paragon City.

2A International Institute of Architecture & Culture [2AIAC]

2A International Institute of Architecture & Culture is another activity of 2A Magazine and will act as an educational tool by using its extensive professional sources and knowledge, by sharing them with its correspondents ,which would be beneficial in their respective field of activity.

2AIAC organises a wide- ranging programme of public cultural and academic activities in the form of lectures, discussion, seminars- webinars, symposia & etc. so as to improve awareness and promote the links between architecture and other branches of culture and human disciplines in a direct and vibrant fashion.

The Institute focuses on teaching architecture in practice and dialogue, there is the discourse between the requirements of architecture and the architects themselves. It is a process of feedback, in which the parties involved display a mutual interest in and influence on each other.

The teaching at the 2AIAC is based on such a dialogue and interaction in the design process. This approach considers that the architect represents society and not himself. It also prevents the dead end of one-sided specialization by enabling architects to develop the design of architecture creatively in its higher dimension. It allows them to take on projects and take responsibility for them clearly, rationally and appropriately from the first draft ideas to their implementation.

Cultural skills are necessary for architectural studies and architects working internationally, That is a reason why 2AIAC is oriented, seeing intercultural exchange, And the process of bringing different cultures closer together- as part of the expansion of participants’ cultural horizon. That applies to the architectural side as much as to mentalities, traditions, and social, political and religious attitudes. following these points from all over the world gives 2AIAC students to tackle these issues directly. For internationally oriented architects, preparedness in this respect is as important as architectural talent.

2A Center of Future Architectural Perspective

2ACFAP is conceptualized, developed, organized and established by 2A Magazine. It is a formal forum designed for the purpose of bringing international architects together under a single umbrella to facilitate easy architectural networking and professional interaction between architects from different continents.

It is a unique global opportunity for professional architectural ideas all across the globe to share their architectural knowledge and visualize and augment the future architectural possibilities vividly.

Another significant reason for the formation of 2ACFAP is the exchange of diverse cultural data that largely impacts architecture globally.

2ACFAP also is a well-thought-out and well-organized interactive forum that facilitates professional and free interaction between professional architects and related experts worldwide.

2A Gallery for Contemporary Art [2AGCA]

Presentation of Creativity & Innovation

Art Gallery is another activity of ascending based on inviting, promoting and Presenting artists and their artworks in 2A Magazine, Since 2006 2A has created virtual space at the website, So the artists can freely interact, share ideas and present their artworks at 2A Gallery for Contemporary Art.

2AGCA focuses on organizing the visual arts [and urban arts], This part of 2A Magazine [International Hub for Architectural Studies] are related to the artists who are experts in visual arts and have made effective points in the societies.

Why did 2A Magazine decide to make out 2A Gallery for Contemporary Art?

Architecture is an art and a profession, which plays a multi- dimensional role in any society. Its function and responsibility is not merely to create a beautiful living space, it has to reflect and respond to the social, cultural and economical needs and challenges of that specific society.


2AGCA provides a diverse and extensive forum where professional artists and other related experts can have access to each others’ abilities and can freely interact under the same professional niche.
This gives a platform to professional artists worldwide.

2AGCA acts as an International database, useful for all professionals related to the field of art, its goal is to add and promote academic, expert knowledge and facilitate the sharing of organized experience and information.

2A Center for Architectural Research & Developments [2ACARD]

Architects have a particular social responsibility since architecture is an art with social obligations and applications. This understanding of architecture has characterized the international strategy of 2A Magazine [International Hub for Architectural Studies] for over seventean years, and has earned the hub professional recognition worldwide.

2A Center for Architecture Research & Developments was set up to provide professionals with publishing and encourage research in the field of architecture and landscape internationally.

2ACARD improves the field of architecture as a significant source of eminent architects & urban designers and a credible reference of professionalism.

The center collects various professional architectural researches and provides them to the researchers, and in a parallel conduct research and their utilization platform, then develop those results.

“All These Activities are Collectively Designed to Expand the Professional Visions For Creating a More Suitable Architectural Space in the Urban Environment”

A brief review of the previous posters and pictures of 2A Magazine’s activities.