2A Continental Architectural Awards


Open on June 10 – 31 July  Extended Now Till August 08th

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2A City-Architecture Movie Awards


Open on 15 June to 15 August

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2A Magazine and All the Activities are Collectively Designed to Expand the Professional Visions for Creating a More Suitable Architectural Space in the Urban Environment

2A Global Architectural Festival – Driving Positive Change

Since 2006, the 2A Magazine has created a choral relationship with it’s audience. Established by Ahmad Zohadi, the 2A magazine continually, through its multitud of activities, continues to be an international hub for architectural studies. Through its various activities, the 2A magazine has always tried to bring a positive change to humanity, improving their quality of lives. After being organised online for two years, because of the COVID pandemic, The 2A Global Architectural Festival is returning to the offline world. This year’s 2A Global Architectural Festival will be organized at the Canadian University, Dubai. It will have the following activities under one forum.


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