2A Continental Architectural Awards

2A Continental Architectural Awards

(Asia, Europe, Africa, South & Central America & North America)

Dubai 2023 (Download PDF)

Collection of the Following 2A Activities Under One Forum

– 2A Continental Architectural Awards (2ACAA 2023)

– 2A City-Architecture Movie Award (2ACAMA 2023)


Initiated by the renowned Architect, Ahmad Zohadi, founder of the 2A Magazine, the 2A Continental Architectural Awards celebrates the local and international accomplishments in the field of Architecture. Through this festival, the organizing committee makes an effort to pay tribute to the brilliant architects who have designed striking masterpieces in architecture. At this prestigious awards ceremony, several architectural professionals come together offering a convergence of their knowledge and ideas. There is an exchange of intriguing ideas that spring from their vast experience, exploration of cultures and tradition, techniques and advancements in technology, as well as evolving trends. That’s what makes it a one-of-a-kind event which not just celebrates architectural triumphs but also provides a platform for new ideas.
2A Continental Architectural Awards is open for significant and consequential collaborations with partners from media, Academia, and various cultures. It invites you to coalesce with us and become a meaningful part of this enormous global opportunity which comes with several perks and value-adds in these highly competitive times.


What is in it for You?

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Gives you a competitive advantage

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Sponsorship Opportunities

At the award ceremony, a 3-minute video clip will be scheduled to present the sponsor’s activity. The company’s representative will be invited to hand over the awards. The guests and VIPS of the sponsoring company will have pre-allocated seats at the awards ceremony. The sponsoring company is also given a desk during the awards event.
Additionally, you will see a good chunk of your audience’s ideal customer profile. You can plan ahead and establish your objectives for the event sponsorship, which will help you gauge your measurable returns. If you are still wondering whether you are sponsoring the right event, here’s what we have to offer.

Event Sponsor Benefits

At the Event After the Event Marketing Press & Media Extra
 Platinum a 7-minute presentation and 3-minute stage time for your representative. The director will also give you a special mention in his opening speech.
Your company will also be allotted a desk during the event.
Premium Exhibit Space plus access to unused exhibit spaces.
Complimentary 3 years subscription to the magazine in print. The Name and logo of your company is published in the awards website and the posters and in the reports of the magazine.
Logo Present in event email communication
Pages of sponsor activities published across 2 issues of the 2A magazine Flights tickets and accommodation for two representatives of your company for two nights.
Complimentary Dinner for representatives and guest
 Gold Your representative can give a 3-minute presentation and your company will also be mentioned in the director’s opening speech.
Your company will also be allotted a desk during the event.
Standard Exhibit Space.
Complimentary 3 years subscription to the online magazine. Logo description in the service provider directory

 2 pages of sponsor activities will be published in 1 issue of the magazine Complimentary Dinner for representatives and guest
The company will get a mentioned in the opening speech of the director Complimentary 2 years subscription to the online magazine Listing in service provider directory  1 page of sponsor activities will be published in 1 issue of the magazine Complimentary Dinner for one