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Exhibition „Unlimited City: Otto Wagner (1841-1918)“

Pinacoteca Aldo Locatelli, Porto Alegre, Brazil 31.7.2023–16.9.2023 Curated and designed by Andreas Nierhaus (Wien Museum) and Golmar Kempinger-Khatibi (Academy of Fine Arts Vienna). ‪—————————————————————————————————————————————————‬ Otto Wagner is one of the most important architects of the turn of the 20th century. His project “The Unlimited City” was a proposal for the expansion of Vienna, then a […]

2ACAA 2023 Candidate Projects

After the first stage of the 2A Continental Architectural Awards 2023, qualified projects will advance to the next round, segmented into regions: Asia, Europe, South & Central America, and North America. Jury will then assess these projects to determine winners within each category. 2A awards carry substantial weight, spotlighting noteworthy architectural accomplishments on an international […]

2A Continental Architectural Awards (2ACAA 2023)

2A Continental Architectural Awards for Asia, Europe, Africa, South & Central America & North America (2ACAA 2023) is announced now!

2A ArchTalk Forum & 2A ArtTalk Forum

2A ArchTalk Forum & 2A ArtTalk Forum: 2A ArchTalk & 2A ArtTalk are the Global events that celebrates architecture and art in all it’s glory, They aim to recognize the work of various firms and individuals who have made significant achievements in the fields. They are also the platform to welcom new ideas. Most importantly, […]

2A Magazine’s upcoming edition “Women’s Voices in Architecture & Design”

In the forthcoming edition of 2A Magazine, titled “Women’s Voices in Architecture & Design,” we will highlight the influential role, diversity, and global impact of women architects and designers. This special 50th edition aims to acknowledge and celebrate individuals who champion: – Empowerment – Equity & Diversity – Intellectual Leadership – Strength & Resilience – […]

The 7th 2A ArchTalk ‘Forum’ Dubai – May 25th, 2023 is held successfully!

  The 7th 2A ArchTalk Forum as a Global event that celebrates architecture & art in all its glory, was held in CUD on May 25th, 2023 perfectly. There was a reflection as a platform to welcome new ideas, with the specially confluence of the greatest minds in the architectural world. The program has been […]

2A Magazine, Issue 49Spring 2023 is Published Now!

  Theme: – “Towards Creating & Maintaining Balance” – “Designing For Gaia” & “Architecture For Climate Emergency” – “Towards Net Zero Construction” , “Towards Net Zero Carbon” & “Architecture For Climate Emergency”

2A Center of Paragon City – The Global Ranking of the Cities

2A Magazine introduces an initiative “Paragon City – Urban Interaction Forum” and “Center for Studies of Urban Development & Well Balanced City” to create an improved in-habitat for inhabitants from all over the world. Hence, A framework has been established to help leaders make over the vision into an accomplishment, using space as a significant […]

2A AchTalk: Interaction & Exchanging Theories and Practices of Architecture

7th '2A ArchTalk' Forum & Workshop May 24th & 25th, 2023 Theme: DESIGN INNOVATIONS, RE-MODELING THE OUTLOOK OF THE CITY Approaches: Designing with Gaia in Mind  &  New life, New Space  [Nomadism, Mobility, Work & Study from Distance] Professional Vision and Approach: Integrating Various Aspects of Architectural Development in Dubai and Publishing of the Noteworthy Architectural Projects with the [...]

2A ArchTalk Dubai 2023