2A Magazine herewith Inform you to Join “Urban Economy Forum” at the Virtual event where Urban + Future will be introduced on the occasion of World Creativity and Innovation Day!

🗓️April 21, 2021, 10 AM to 12:30 PM (EST)


Creativity for Urban Future will examine creativity and innovation for building sustainable models of urbanisation.

Cities are multidimensional, complex, dynamic and powerful structures for habitat. They are able to facilitate a society’s wellbeing, safety, and prosperity, while also limiting inequality, exclusion and poverty. Cities are significant drivers in realizing the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) which depends on the adoption and adaption of innovative practices as a sustainable model for urban development.
Creativity and innovation are important pillars for building sustainable cities in the present and future and achieving the SDGs, in particular SDG 11 – sustainable communities and cities. At the scale of urbanization, we are enjoying a great number of disciplines and expertise that can help us to address the complexities of city building and provide solutions to face current challenges. At the core of urban planning should be good urban design that is creative and innovative where buildings, places and spaces are not isolated elements but as part of the whole city. For example, a building is connected to its street, the street to its neighbourhood, the neighbourhood to its city, and the city to its region. This will create an interactive synapses between all city elements.
Urban design recognizes that cities are part of a constantly evolving relationship between people, land, culture and the wider environment. This in essence, together with land use policies will move cities toward the sustainability goals.
Housing is an important element that contains a city’s fabric. The housing sector makes up the majority of construction in cities and for this reason has had great impact on the current structure of urbanism. Today’s city are captured by roads and cars, which are mainly being used as infrastructural tools to provide access to different parts of the city.
We need a transformative approach to urban development that will create a place for people to live better and longer in a clean, safe, fair and beautiful environment.
During the last decade, people’s life have been affected by great technological innovation, that has dramatically changed people’s lifestyles. Today we are witnessing the advancement of technology in many aspects of daily life but when compared to new technologies for housing and urban development, there is a long way to go.
The pandemic has affected everyone’s way of life and underscored the importance of housing as a place to live and work. COVID-19 has demonstrated that we need to change the traditional style of housing and workplace. This new characteristic, where home and work are no longer separated, is changing the paradigm of human settlements.
We strongly believe that with the fast changes, happening across the world, we need to rethink the matter of housing and the style of urban future to facilitate the adequate transformation of urbanization.
Creativity for Urban Future is a global discourse led by Urban Economy Forum, in collaboration with international organisation, and hosted by Urban + Future as a new initiative to create development platform for housing in Canada and the World, aligned with Sustainable Development Goals.

Speakers (Alphabetical Order)

Adam Vaughan, Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Families, Children and Social Development (Housing)

Anantha Krishnan, Secretary General, Urban Economy Forum

Camila Ween, Director at Goldstein Ween Architects, Harvard Loeb Fellow

Eduardo Lopez Moreno, Head of Knowledge and Innovation, UN-Habitat

Eleanor Mohammed, President, Commonwealth Association of Planners

Frank D’hondt, Secretary General, ISOCARP

Jose Etcheverry, Member of the Board of Governors, York University

Kamran Hassani, Co-Director, Urban+Future & Professor, CDI College

Ken Greenberg, Architect and Principal of Greenberg Consultants

Lynn Xu, Director, University Research Center for Urban and Environmental Studies, Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University

Massoud Ghandchi, Co-Director, Urban + Future & Chair, Ghandchi Foundation

Michael Brooks, CEO, REALPAC

Nadar Ardalan, Architect

Reza Pourvaziry, Architect & Chair, Urban Economy Forum

Sean Toussi, Principal Architect, M.Arch. & Forbes Magazine Council Member

Tom Mrakas, Mayor, Town of Aurora

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