2A International Architectural Colleagues & Contributeres



Ahmad Zohadi  is an architectural scholar, theorician, researcher, publisher and organizer of international architectural events;

2A Magazine was established under the leadership of Ahmad Zohadi [Chief Editor, CEO and Publisher] in 2006.

He is also Founder, Director and Head of Organizing Committee of the following 2A activities:


– 2A Continental Architectural Awards [2ACAA]

– 2A City- Architecture Movie Award [2ACAMA]

– 2A ArchiPedia [Architectural Encyclopedia]

– Paragon City [Urban Interaction Forum – Contextual City Award]

– 2A Art Gallery [Presentation of Creativity and Innovation]

– 2A Institute of Architecture & Design

Ahmad believes that 2A Magazine is much more than a specialized architectural and art media, it amplifies the voices of the architects and artists to promote cultural understanding and innovate the space and environment.

Based on his target points, The magazine’s contents and themes of the 2A activities, focuses on the following significant viewpoints.

  • Well- Balanced Living and Multidimensional Growth & Progress
  • Creating a Better Living Space in Cities around the Globe
  • Integrating Various Aspects of Architecture (Social, Cultural and Environmental)

Note: 2A Magazine is also a communication tool for Architecture & Art, which focuses on social and cultural points in all dimensions of form, figure and space which absolutely affects our lives.

Fourthermore, provided a platforme for sharing ideas of various origins about different themes which could be an effective way for recognition of architectural features and reality of today’s life.

Editorial & Advisory Board of 2A Magazine

Rasem Badran

Tomas Barrie

Steve Padget

Julio Bermudez

Nader Ardalan

Elisabeth von Samsonow

Michael Rotondi

Makan Rafatjou

Guests Editors of 2A Magazine 2006- 2020

Karla Britton

Nader Ardalan

Aziza Chaouni

Ibrahim Mohammad Jaidah

Philip James Tabb, Ph.D.

Dariush Zandi

Faryar Javaherian

Negar Kalantar P.h.D.

Sen Kapadia

Susanne Weiss

John Alexander Smith, P.h.D.

Simos Yannas

Organizing Committee of 2A Awards

Golmar Kempinger-Khatibi

Harshad Audichya

Nader Zohadi

pejman Aghasi

Jury Members of 2A Continental Architectural Awards (2ACAA 2015- 2020)

Seung H-Sang

Romi Khosla

Bahram Shirdel

Yavuz Selim Sepin

Sinan Mert Sener (Ph.D.)

Françoise Fromonot

Nasrin Seraji

Wolfgang Tschapeller

Murat Tabanlioglu

Hiromi Hosoya

Nader Ardalan

Waro Kishi

Jury Members of 2A City- Architecture Movie Award (2ACAMA 2020)

Eva Sangiorgi

Golmar Kempinger-Khatibi

Constanze Ruhm

Elise Feiersinger

Karl- Heniz Klopf