Willy Müller

Career trajectory:
– co-Founder IAAC, Institute of Advanced Architecture of Catalonia.2003
– Director Urban Sciences Laboratory IAAC (since 2015).
– Director X-UrbanStudio,Master Advanced Architecture IAAC 2003/18
– General Manager Rio de Janeiro Metropolitan Master Plan. 2016/18
– Former CEO Barcelona Regional Agency, BR, 2011-2015
– Former Development Director IAAC, 2003/2007.
– Member Board of Trust IAAC Foundation (since 2003).
– Founder WMA-Willy Müller Architects SLP ( since 1996).
– Visiting Professor Sci_Arc, Los Angeles, USA ( since 2017).
– Director Operaçoes Urbanas Consorciadas,Fortaleza, Brasil 2017/18
Willy Müller was born in Argentina, he is an architect graduated from the
University of La Plata, Argentina. FAUNLP
In 1986 he completed his PhD program at the Barcelona School of
Architecture (ETSAB) at UPC, and collaborated on the project of the Palau
Sant Jordi in the Arata Isozaki Office (1986-1988).