The 2A webinar has been held perfectly, in December 12th, 2020

A Research for Transcendent Built Environment

Professional points of Declaration of Transcendent Human Habitat have been shared during two hours webinar and over 2000 people followed the Webinar throughout the 2A website and 2A pages of YouTube, Instagram and Facebook

Note 1: 2 hurse webinar film will be shared in two parts at the website and other social pages shortly.

Note 2: the plan of the second webinar which is related to the first one and with a new plan of the cooperation with ACSF will be also announced soon.

Organized by:
2A Academy of Innovative Ideas if Architecture & 2A Magazine

2A Host : Ahmad Zohadi
Moderator: Nader Ardalan
ACSF Chairman:Tom Barrie

ACSF Team:
Tammy Gaber
Roberto Chiotti
Julio Bermudez
Nader Ardalan
Julio Bermudez

Introduction of Respounents:
Sam Tehranchi
Meghdad Sharif
Anna Grichting Solder
Reza Pourvaziry
Nasrin Seraji




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