The Garden in Sky
Shahin Project – Aseman Sara
Architec : Mohammad Reza Nikbakht – Hooman Balazadeh
Client : DANAK Economic & Engineering Group – Ali Morad Fooladvand

Shahin project is a 5000 square meter , 7 floor ( from ground level), residential complex located at the cross road of North Shahin avenue and Hemmat highway.
Living in high density apartment buildings could be a subject matter to redesigning residential structures. Based on various elements e.g.; different life styles, tastes,  needs and age groups in residential buildings, some core ideas needed to address such as direct lighting, suitable
view, appropriate balcony, no interior patio and maximum public space on each floor.
Project geometric control tool Necessity of establishing a geometrical tool in order to  meet those needs, to expand maximum lighting in relation
to the size of project and to identify project’s proportions, greatly perceived.  Hence, this tool helps not only to understand the right
angle to obtain maximum south light and better view, but also enables to figure out privacy issues in neighboring units. The structural geometry must also manage unit divisions. Considering units’ sizes, no matter how large they are, residential units comply with the variation and void spaces in terms of core geometric concept.
Another concern to plan the project is to mingle green spaces not only into residential units but also merge balconies into
living areas to enjoy as much as natural day light.
Public spaces are compounded with vertical and horizontal landscapes.
General geometry of the project and land slopes, are taken into consideration to blend public spaces into landscapes. Living in residential complex demands a number of open and semi open private / public spaces which in this project created by implementing geometric
control tool. Green architecture and green life-style is the basis of this project.
In order to make a difference in life style, this residential project considered “ green” patterns such as energy saving methods, waste reduction and recycles, watering landscapes by grey water, using maximum natural day light to minimize energy consumption, natural ventilation through air circulating corridors, creating walking and bike lane on roof top.

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