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Sponsorship Benefits, Terms and Conditions

As an International professional event in architecture, 2ACAA and 2ACAMA are a As an International professional event in architecture, 2ACAA and 2ACAMA are a dedicated
platform that will provide following opportunities:
• Getting in touch with the target market.
• Ideal position of the sponsor company among the region’s leading decision-makers in building and construction sector and in front of key decision makers who are in attendance.
•Increase your market share: By sponsoring industry-specific https://chiefessays.net/ events, you put your brand’s name in front of potential clients, which helps you get ahead of the competition
•Communicate a message: An agreement between a company and an event organizer isn’t just a money-making deal. It’s also about matching two visions and crafting a
message for your shared audience. For example, if you support a green event, you will be demonstrating your social responsibility values to your clients.
• Reach a new audience For event sponsors, supporting a meeting might be the opportunity you need to shine in front of your target persona. Tap into event opportunities that resonate with your niche to increase your brand’s exposure.
• Increased visibility within the architecture, urban design and engineering industry.
• Host exclusive networking events.
• Benefit from global media coverage.
• Creates and maximizes business partners or many new potential clients at this leading architectural event.
• Opportunity to meet and interact directly and personally with many other professional in the field and activity expansion.
• Increased public image as the supporter of an effective cultural architectural event and Build space for targeted connections.
• Powerful showcase of important architectural projects of the year.
• An operative network that bridges Architects, Developers and investors.



Sponsorship Benefits at the event:

• An introduction Video Clip (3 minutes) will be scheduled to present sponsor’s activity at the award ceremony.
• Representative of the sponsor will be invited to the stage to give the winners their prizes.
• The name and logo of sponsor company will be published in the award's website, posters and at the reports of 2A Magazine, award’s website and other pages of professional medias medias.
• Advertisement Pages: totally 4 pages of sponsors theessayclub.com activities will be published in two issues of 2A Magazine.
• Sponsor’s company can be involved and invite architects to participate in the award.
• The seats will be booked for the sponsors guests and VIP at the ceremony.
• A desk will be allocated to sponsor company in the day of award ceremony 2019 in Polytechnic University of Madrid .
• Introduction service:
If sponsor needs the contact information of anyone from our database, we will provide it for them.
We would appreciate your collaboration as one of the sponsors and , For further information, Please contact us via Email.