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Sponsorship Benefits, Terms and Conditions

Become a Sponsor and Partner and get the following Sponsorship Benefits at the [Event] 2ACAA, Madrid 2019:

the 2ACAA is in fact shaping and creating a new trans-formative trend which would help the art of architecture to flourish and be presented multidimensionally by expanding interactions, and helping architects to expand their horizons to become more creative and professionally aware of multiple aspects of the amazing art and profession of architecture.
Meanwhile, This award’s event offers [the sponsors and partners] a variety of unique opportunities to take part with the international architectural event and its interaction forum to promote the company products and abilities.

Below is the facilities which will be done for our sponsors and partners.

• Networking through 2A:
– Builds authentic relationships
– Use this network to gain insight
– Helps increase the company’s brand recognition
– Helps raise the company’s architectural profile
– Open doors to new opportunities

• An introduction Video Clip (3 minutes) will be scheduled to present sponsor’s activity at the award ceremony.
• Representative of the sponsor will be invited to the stage to give the winners their prizes.
• The name and logo of sponsor company will be published in the award’s website, posters and at the reports of 2A Magazine, award’s website and other pages of professional medias medias.
• Advertisement Pages: totally 4 pages of sponsors activities will be published in two issues of 2A Magazine.
• Sponsor’s company can be involved and invite architects to participate in the award.
• The seats will be booked for the sponsors guests and VIP at the ceremony.
• A desk will be allocated to sponsor company in the day of award ceremony 2019 in Polytechnic University of Madrid .
• Introduction service:
Entry amount networking- sponsoring packages start from 7,500 EURO . A range of networking and sponsorship packages are available now.

Please contact us directly:

Email: pr@2aincorp.com

The award ceremony of 2ACAA, October 26th, 2018 – IAAC, Barcelona