2A Natural Person Membership

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Advantages of 2A Membership:

  • Free Download of Digital Pages for All the 2A Magazines’ Editions.
  • Earn %20 Credits to Subscribe for Printed Issues of 2A Magazine
  • Presentation of the Projects and Publication of the Articles and Studies in “2A Center For Architectural Research & Development Upon Eligibility
  • Participation in 2A Center of Future Architectural Perspective
  • Entering into the Special Registry List
  • Earn %20 Credits to Participate and Register in 2A Center of Paragon City, and it’s Prominent List.
  • Earn %20 Credits for the Registration of 2ACAA and 2ACAMA
  • Free Participation in the 2A Annual Events
  • Note: Get the Annual 2A Membership Card for Natural Person and Join to the 2A Prominent List of the Introduction of Architect (Designer, Academic, Researcher) and also Artists to Present Your Abilities as a Significant Source of Architecture & Art Worldwide.