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The Basic Members’ Benefits :

– Access to the PDF pages of all the previous and new issues of 2A Magazine.

– The priority for members in all the 2A services

Why Become A Member
Over 17 years 2A Magazine has been both a platform and an influencing organization for sharing ideas from various origins, unique global opportunity for professional interaction, contextual analysis in the continents and studies concepts and knowledge about architecture education and research.

From membership in 2A, you can profit in many ways:

At our award ceremonies, conferences and events – usually hosted by one of the schools, And you can meet many fellow architects, researchers, developers, directors and filmmakers and other professionals who are involved in architecture and urban design and gain access to a vast professional network.
By joining in 2A Magazine [Interaction Hub for Architectural Studies] share your articles and viewpoints for publishing in 2A Magazine or website when it approves by the editorial board
By getting involved in our conservation network, uniting through architecture by many nations and cultures.
If you are interested to be part of the Editorial Board of 2A Magazine [International Hub for Architectural Studies] (individual or organization), please contact us ( instead of filling out this form.