2A Legal Person Membership

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Advantages of 2A Membership:

  • Free Download of Digital Pages for All the 2A Magazines’ Editions.
  • Earn %20 Credits to Subscribe for Printed Issues of 2A Magazine
  • Presentation of the Projects and Publication of the  Articles and Studies  in “2A Center For Architectural Research & Development Upon Eligibility
  • Participation in 2A Center of Future Architectural Perspective
  • Entering into the Special Registry List
  • Earn %20 Credits to Participate and Register in 2A Center of Paragon City and it’s Prominent List.
  • Earn %20 Credits for the Registration of 2ACAA and 2ACAMA
  • Free Participation in  the 2A Annual Events
  • Note: Get the Annual 2A Membership Card for Legal Person and Join to the 2A Various Prominent Lists of the Introduction of  Architectural Design Firms, Academical & Educational Schools, Cultural & Art Centers which Presents the Abilities and Advantages as a Significant Source of Architecture & Art Worldwide.