Ulrike Lauber

Born in 1959, Biedenkopf, Germany, Professor Dipl.-Ing. Studies at Technical University Berlin, Degree in Architecture (1973 – 1979), Occupation at architectural firms in Berlin (1980 – 1985), Occupation at Berlin senate, preparation of competitions (1985 – 1986), Participation at various competitions, several awards (1982 – 1985), Occupation at office of Richard Meier, New York since 1987 as Associate Partner and project leader –
Offices Siemens AG, Munich- Exhibition building City of Ulm (Münsterplatz)- Research Center of Daimler-Benz AG, Ulm- various competions (1986 – 1989) – Since 1990: Own office in Munich: lauder zottmann blank architects (3 Partners, 15 employees) www.lzb-architekten.de, Office Buildings and Housing: – Potsdamer Platz Berlin- Housing Complex Frankfurt – Office  Buildings Munich, Various competitions – Since 1999: Professor for Design  and Urban Development, Beuth Hochschule für Technik, University of Applied Sciences, Berlin, Participation in various architectural competition juries, often chairman Advisor to the government in different Brains trusts.

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