Nader Ardalan

He, Co-Convener of the ACSF 10 Symposium, is President of Ardalan Associates, Consultants in Architecture. He holds a BArch from Carnegie-Mellon University and MArch from the Graduate School of Design, Harvard University, where he served as Senior Research Associate and co-editor for Persian Gulf Encyclopedia for Sustainable Urbanism and author of Blessed Jerusalem. He is co-author of The Sense of Unity (2000); The New Arab Urbanism in the Persian Gulf (2011); and other publications. He has been a Visiting Professor at Harvard, Yale, MIT and Tehran University. He was a founding member of the Aga Khan Award for Architecture Steering Committee, and has served on the advisory boards of 2A Art & Architecture Magazine and the International Journal of Islamic Architecture.
He is currently on the Boar of Directors of the ACSF.

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