Paragon City:

Urban Interaction Forum:

New activity of 2A International Hub for Architectural Studies
Ahmad Zohadi 
Founder & Director 

Why did 2A Magazine decide to make out “Paragon City”?

Any urban development is probable to influence different people in more than a few ways. 2A Magazine identifies design as a problem-solving instrument that renovates a design and turns it into a reality. With “ Paragon City – Urban Interaction Forum” we want exceptional designers to take their creative mastermind, apply it to the most complicated problems in our lives and come up with solutions that are responsive to people’s requirements, are resourceful, and eventually cost-effective when cities management organizations  are involved in this regard.
The result and fruit of living in such Paragon City are helping its citizens to become more peaceful, less stressful and as a result avoid dissipation of their creative energy and allow them to live in a more positive, more loving and more innovative ways. In such ideal cities all members of society from all age groups have the potential and opportunities to grow and live harmoniously and peaceful.

Presentation of Diverse and Significant Cities around the Globe in 2A Paragon City [Urban Interaction Forum]
Paragon City is a forum that facilitates professional interaction among member cities about the new endeavors of making well-balanced living in multidimensional growth and progress , and it is about exploration and discussion of the major accomplishments of the cities and also recognition of the valuable cities in the world, based on the published definition and parameters at

The prominent list of paragon cities will be provided every year and be declared globally as a unique reference of “Urban Interaction Forum”  across the Globe.

The list could be the key for identifying the most valuable cities as the Paragon City.

It creates a unique international forum where Professionals (Academics, Innovates, Architects & Urban designers, Researchers, Scholars band etc.) usually from the city managment organizatios and also municipalities can freely interact, share ideas and viewpoints.
Conveniently, it could lead to the improvement and progress of their profession and urban design & architecture  in general

Join us & Submit Now! and after getting selected in Paragon City, Get the symbolic sign and memorial board

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