Mohammad Radfar

Mohammad is an Associate Professor in Urban Design and Planning at the University of Birmingham (UK and Dubai). He is an urban designer and planner who has also gained experience as a landscape architect and environmental planner. With an interdisciplinary and multi-professional background and more than 20 years of experience in practice, he has worked for private practices as well as local authorities on award-winning multi-million-pound projects in the UK.

In terms of his research and practice approach, he tends to use design concepts with cultural theories to explain and resolve urban problems. He is interested in social sustainability and puts people and community at the centre of his design philosophy. As a principled culturalist, Mohammad believes that in the current super-diverse society with multiple environmental issues, understanding the complex relationships between people, culture, and place is necessary to plan and develop successful sustainable places.

Mohammad is also the founder and managing director of OROSI, a Dubai-based architectural and urbanism firm, and represents the award-winning Italian architectural firm, NEMESI Studio, in the MENA countries (