Kourosh Salehi

Kourosh Salehi is the Design Director for LWK + PARTNERS. He is a British Architect, Urbanist and educator with over 30 years international experience.

He has designed and successfully delivered a range of award-winning multidisciplinary signature projects in the UK, Asia and the Middle East. Kourosh has established a comprehensive portfolio of constructed and award-winning projects in London, Beijing, Hong Kong, Doha and Dubai amongst others, covering a wide spectrum of projects.

As a Design Director, he has designed a diverse range of projects from concept to detail design including mixed-use of various scales, hospitality, high-end luxury and low cost residential projects.

As an urban designer, he has leaded the design process for urban skyline, large scale master planning like “Qetaifan Island” in Doha and was the team leader for compiling the Architectural Design Guidelines for the Emirates of Sharjah.