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Since long ago, cities have been the beating hearts of the societies and as people form a city; a city forms them mutually like a living organ and a dynamic being. This relation is what makes urban design and urban planning a matter of significance. Regardless of how a city is designed, a community is obliged to use the different features of it dynamically and that’s how the quality of people’s lives is affected. 2A magazine, as yet another approach to creating a better in-habitat for people from all over the world, introduces the first ever “Ideal City for Well-balanced Living & Multidimensional Growth & Progress.” In this process nominators in different parts of the world evaluate different cities that can be candidate for the title of this award based on research and the respective criteria. Eventually few cities in various categories will be chosen as the role model of urban planning.

We believe that in the course of this practice great achievements such as a through research on the urban planning of different cities, encouraging better urban designs, etc. can be obtained.

Annual Global “Ideal City for Well- balanced Living & Multidimensional Growth & Progress” Award

Why 2A Magazine decided to identify the Idea Cities?

What is the purpose?

By identify the characteristics of the ideal cities our goal is to present an ideal model for other developing cities to use in order to help them to improve and enhance their living standard and life setting in their own cities. Each region will have a designated nominator who is completely familiar with their respective region whom will be available to help to the candidates to submit and present their cities.


– Metropolitan:

A Metropolitan City is a Mega City which is usually consisted of many small towns and cities attached together. Like: Tokyo, Toronto, New York, Mumbai, Mexico City and etc.

– Cities :

1) Developed Cities 2) Developing Cities Developed cities are cities which have fully completed their infrastructure and ideal systems for a Well- Balanced life style for majority of its citizenship AND Developing Cities are in the process of flourishing and improving their living standards and city’s infrastructure.

– Multi Cultural:

Multi Cultural City is a city which is suitable and capable of accommodating various raises ethnic and religious groups and cultures simenteniesly and in a peaceful and harmonies manner and creating equal opportunity for all.

– Historically, Artistically and Culturally Distinctive Cities:

This type of cities have very unique historical artistic and/our cultural identity specific to that city or region.