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Categories / Rules & Conditions


– Metropolitan:Metropolitan planning is a development rather than a definitive statement. It is a prototype for the physical development of the conurbation, a pattern to direct the city builders in establishing their investments and computing the vision for success. It is a design of the physical, societal, cost-effective, and geographic properties of the metropolis leading to a structure.

– Cities

  •  Developed Cities

The urban planning of Developed Cities involves the arrangement and design of structures, public spaces, transport systems, as well as services. It is the process of giving shape, outline, and character to groups of structures, to entire neighborhoods, and the town. The urban design of Developed Cities blends structural design, landscape architecture, in addition to city planning together to make urban areas well-designed and beautiful.

  •  Developing Cities

Urban Planning of Developing Cities is a technical process concerned with the growth and efficient use of land, protection of the environment, community welfare, and the design of the urban setting.

– Multicultural:Multiculturalism holds cultural and intellectual differences within a society. It has the potential to bring people of quite a lot of cultural backgrounds together. People experience the prospect of embracing togetherness – that may help break down the societal obstructions that far too often divide us. Urban design and planning of multicultural cities require an understanding of the ways different cultural and intellectual groups associate with public spaces.

– Historically, Artistically and Culturally Distinctive Cities:Varying patterns of utilizing public spaces is the outcome of differences in cultural, historical, and artistic values associated with a city. To plan such towns, a planner needs to recognize the extensive as well as continuous public participation. Eventually, these values lead to the design that is flexible enough to hold shifting preferences as well as values over time.

–  Innovative Cities:

Cities which have provided the necessary foundation for the development of:Innovative inventions and ideas, creative projects, sustainable growth, environmental safety, clean energy generation, promoting humanistic values, ensuring healthy lifestyle for all members of the society, creating progressive and pleasant educational systems for children and youth.

– Recreational & Touristic Cities:

Happy life, entertainment, sport facilities and touristic accommodation such as hotel & resort

-Special Facilities for People with Special Needs: Elderly and Disabled

Rules & Conditions: 

–“Ideal City for Well- Balanced Living & Multidimensional Growth & Progress” is a one stage entry.
– The entries include one JPG file [as a poster or picture of the building, neighborhood and city] and description.
– Each submission can be applied only to a single category of the introduction and selection.
– Presenting certificate of quality to the qualified outstanding presentation in all the sections of Neighborhood Unit- Neighborhood Community, part of the city- Cities- District, Area, Region, Zone.
– The report and valuable points of the selected presentation will be published in 2A Magazine, website and media, it would be a professional reference of the essential core idea in this regard. 

– All the presentations will be considered by the board based on the criteria and parameters of an ideal progressive city.  

Note: There is no fee for submission and attending the annual ceremony.