2A Visionary Architects & Studios

2A Visionary Architects & Studios

International Event for Introduction & Selection of Visionary Architects

November 26th, 2024- Manipal Academy of Higher Education Dubai Campus

2A Magazine is creating a space for architects and urban designers worldwide to connect and grow their professional interaction and architectural networking.

This year, we’ve added a new category: 2A Visionary Architects & Studios.

2A Visionary Architects & Studios are participants which have a “vision” for architecture, and preferably an innovative vision for the future & present. It means not only being creative and artistic but one which can manage to evolve new aesthetic of architecture and new effective visions towards ecological, sociological and cultural problems.

Participants types :

Participants are in 3 categories — Academics, Practitioners, Theoreticians —determined by the applicants activity and experience. Participants who, following evaluation and adjudication, are not selected as Visionary winners but demonstrate outstanding performance will be designated as Genius Architects.

Assessment committee:

Somayeh Ravanshadnia (Ph.D) as a member of the 2A Magazine’s Editorial Board is in charge of assessment committee for the participants’ submissions according to 2A Visionary Architects & Studios Criteria . Participants can register in one or more sections, according to their expertise, experience and honors.

Under this situation, Academics, architects and studios introduce their professional activities, skills, innovative projects ,impressive visions and theories towards future architecture and present .The valuable architectural ideas & projects will be reviewed based on information such as achievements, awards, visions and impacts, provided in online forms.

Regardless of completion status, anyone can submit their original architectural Visions, styles and feedbacks.

Schedule :

Registeration deadlines :

July15th -August 30th

Introduction & Prize Event :

November 26th 2024 at Manipal University Dubai

Winner will received an official invitations to present at the 2ACAA 2024 event, where the selected (winners) Architects & studios will be announced.



  • Qualified participants will have a speech to presented their visions, theories and professional projects method, at the November 26, 2024, at Manipal University Dubai.
  • Summaries of the selected ideas and projects will be published in the 51st issue of 2A Magazine, which will be distributed at the event. Representatives of the qualified studios and winners will receive a copy of this issue.
  • Winners and those receiving honorable mentions will be awarded 2A Certificate & a memorial Icon at the event.

Other privileges

  • This initiative provides a comprehensive platform for architects and related professionals to engage in intellectual exchange and share specialized knowledge.
  • 2A Visionary Architects & Studios functions as a global repository, fostering academic scholarship and enabling the dissemination of information.
  • It convenes international architects to facilitate professional networking and collaborative interactions within the architectural community.
  • This activity unites distinguished architects from around the world:
  • It emphasizes the architects forward-looking vision for the future of architecture, taking into account societal requirements and cultural dimensions.
  • It seeks to inspire transformative leaders to motivate and influence their peers within the profession.


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