2A Magazine’s Upcoming Edition

2A Magazine’s Upcoming Edition, April 2023
Issue 49

Dubai, Design Innovations, Re-Modeling the Outlook of the City, And The Revolution in Innovative Design and Technology in Dubai – “Disarrangement of the Old and Constituting the New”

Professional Vision and Approach:

Integrating Various Aspects of Architectural Development in Dubai and Publishing of the Noteworthy Architectural Projects with the Focus on Enhancement of Social, Cultural, Environmental and Economical Aspects to Create A Well-Balanced And A Brighter Lifestyle.

This Edition Offers A Unique Opportunity for Everyone to Interact Under One Forum to Expand and Enhance their Professional Network and Publish in 2A International Magazine, And A peek Into the Future of Architecture and Design By Joining Our 2A Movement and Creating A Fresh Atmosphere of Resonance in Creativity.

Note 1: Based on the Organizational plan, the ceremony for the presentation of the edition will be held where professionals would meet together.
The company Booths for the applicants with their project can be reserved and assigned with a reasonable fee *. And the projects will also be published upon request and with a reasonable fee *in the Magazine’s issue.
* Please check the fee table

Note 2: the professional researches and studies of the future perspective of urban, landscape & architectural development and also construction technology in the city of Dubai , will be considered for presenting in the issue.

Note 3: upload your project via www.2aincorp.com and complete the project’s submission form by arranging with 2A editorial board for doing so.

Submission date: January 10th to February 15th

Event of introduction and presentation of the issue: April 27th, 2023

We Would Be Pleased to Invite You As An Engaged And Creative Collaborator.

Email: pr@2aincorp.com

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