2A Magazine’s Upcoming Edition

2A Magazine, Upcoming Issue 49 – May 10 & 11, 2023 Dubai

Theme: DESIGN INNOVATIONS, RE-MODELING THE OUTLOOK OF THE CITY  (Session 1: Designing with Gaia in Mind,  Session 2: New Technology (Artificial Intelligent + 3D Printing),  Session 3: New life, New Space  [Nomadism, Mobility, Work & Study from Distance])

Professional Vision and Approach:

Integrating Various Aspects of Architectural Development in Dubai and Publishing of the Noteworthy Architectural Projects with the Focus on Enhancement of Social, Cultural, Environmental and Economical Aspects to Create A Well-Balanced And A Brighter Lifestyle.

This Edition Offers A Unique Opportunity for Everyone to Interact Under One Forum to Expand and Enhance their Professional Network and Publish in 2A International Magazine, And A peek Into the Future of Architecture and Design By Joining Our 2A Movement and Creating A Fresh Atmosphere of Resonance in Creativity.

Note 1: Based on the Organizational plan, the ceremony for the presentation of the edition will be held in Canadian University Dubai where professionals and the contributors such as Architects, Designers, Researches, Academics, Developers and Realtors etc. meet together.

Part 1: Focusing on “Designing with Gaia in Mind”  as the subject of issue, And Introduction of Architects & Researches in the 2A Magazine’s Event for presenting the Achivment Memorial Icon due to their contributions in Live Source of Knowledg in the Issue

Description: The 2A Magazine, in its effort to remain at the edge of contemporary architecture and artistic debate and creation, organizes a combined series of events under the heading “Designing with Gaia in mind.” This initiative aims to raise awareness about the threat and the consequences our planet faces due to human activities forcing nature to adapt to our species’ ambitions. As of now, we have been facing a hardly blessed nature roaring against us the question raised is what Architecture can do to lead the establishment of a new playbook for the new condition that is unfolding around us. What can architecture do to encourage humans, its permanent and perpetual addressee, to rethink the substance and the role of human beings on the planet; not as the dominant creature assigned to design an artificial environment to live in, but as an inseparable extension of the nature hardly depended upon its forces, conditions, and dynamic flows. What can Architecture do to drive the human, a by-nature design animal,’ towards artificializes supported by new technologies and addressed to a new conception of living on earth, with nature, by nature, for nature, the mother, Gaia?

Note 2: 2A Archtalk. International Forum:
Designing synergies between culture, nature, and technology


Event of introduction and presentation of the issue: May 10 & 11, 2023

 This 2A Magazine Publication and Event is “A Peek Into the Future of Architecture and Design by joining our 2A Movement and Creating a Fresh Atmosphere of Reasonable in Creativity”

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Launching 2A Magazine# 50 Autumn 2023

Launching 2A Magazine# 50 Autumn 2023 with the theme of “Women’s Voices in Architecture and Design” at the time of 2ACAA 2023 award ceremony in Academy of Manipal Higher Education Dubai Campus, School of Design & Architecture December 5th, 2023 www.2aincorp.com