2A Special Edition of EXPO 2020 Dubai

Innovative and Transformative Ideas in Architecture

Under the Supervision:
Khalid Habib Al Redha
2A Magazine – Chairman

Editor in Chief:
Ahmad Zohadi
2A Magazine- CEO & Editor in Chief



This 2A Magazine edition will publish as an architectural presentation of the selective pavilions based on the unique aspects of art, architecture and social responsibility.
Meanwhile, after final evaluations, a number of selected architectural pavilions of EXPO 2020 Dubai will be presented extensively and internationally.
The edition will give a message of “professional architectural reflection of shared ideas from various origins in the selective and candidates pavilions of EXPO 2020, Dubai”


Architecture is an art and a profession that platys a multi- dimensional role in any society, its function and responsibility responds to the social, cultural and economical needs and challenges of that country which could be considered in the EXPO’s pavilions.

EXPO 2020 Dubai is a landmark and turning point allowing pavilions to pause and reflect upon what the countries, as a part of global community have achieved in the field of architecture which is an art and a profession that plays a multi- Dimensional role in a society presents a unique global opportunity for professional architectural interaction in EXPO 2020 as a well-known landmark and Paragon City.

Outstanding effects:

A selection and Introduction of unique architectural aspects in Expo 2020 Dubai which reflects the following significant points as a part of global community in the field of architecture.

  • EXPO 2020 Dubai has lead to more future communication and interaction in architecture and art
  • A Comprehensive Platform of Contemporary Architecture and Today’s Architectural Needs.
  • A Dialogue in the Language of Today’s Architecture around the World
  • Sharing Ideas from Various Regions
  • Presentation of Innovative Architecture of the Countries
  • Design Achievement from Innovative Ideas

Note: Firms that Provide a well managed guide to help the visitors to optimize their experience and lead them to spend more time at the Expo, will be considered as a positive point.


“Unity through Architecture”,
It is not just an an event, it is about humanity, peace, multiculturalism, growth, human interaction and creating a better world.