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2A International Center for Elites of Architecture & Art 

2A International Center for Elites of Architecture & Art

As a significant source of eminent Architects, Urban Designers and Artists and extremely credible reference of professionalism


The center of professionals who have presented special features of different fields of Art, Architecture and Urban Design.
These professionals are comprised of Architect, Urban & Landscape Designer, Industrial Designer, Fashion & Clothing Designer and Jewelery Designer,

Note: Architects including but not limited to architecture designers can apply (for Professors and Faculty- School of  Architecture ad Art), Event and Award Organizers, Architectural Scholars, Architectural Movie Creators, etc.), Innovators, Creaters of new ideas and Technologists.


Establishing an informative reference center of Architecture & Art

Persistent innovation and research are integral to facilitate progressive architectural practice world over. The 2A Center for Elites of Architecture & Art has been established with this purpose in mind. History has evidenced that research and innovation in the architecture Arena have led to constructive social, economic, and sustainable developments throughout the world. Research and innovation have also drastically improved the quality of life throughout the world. Hence as a responsible citizen of the architecture world, it is very important to contribute consistent efforts towards research and innovation of architectural designs. At the pivot of the center focus is to create new and improved architectural solutions that adequately address today’s business issues and efficiently improve the architectural standards worldwide. Studying the Elite’s professional life and background obviously is a crucial effort towards prudent architectural problem-solving and towards the exchange of architecture knowledge and innovation, new ideas, cultural treasures, technological advancements and sustainable methodologies globally.
Becoming a member of this pristine architectural effort is a privilege in more ways than one.

– The people who want to register in this part (to be introduced as an elite) has to have:

1) A page in 2A ArchiPedia to present their portfolio, abilities and effectiveness.

Note 1: It needs to be registered in the 2A ArchiPedia at the website which can present participant’s portfolio.

Note 2: 2A ArchiPedia is the same as 2A Architectural Encyclopedia as one of the activities of 2A Inc.

Note 3: The sign of ” Get the Membership” is on the top Home page of the website.

2) Submi the completed online application form in the section of 2A International Elites of Architecture & Art.

Then the organization team will consider the eligibility and send the official letter to initiate the registration proccess as one of the elites.

Note: The judgment criterias for requesters qualification are as follows:

Originality -Environmental friendliness and considering social and cultural needs.
Unique transformative vision and Ideas toward Profession.
Having professional and academic publications. -Winner of accredited international awards.credited international awards.

The Elites’ Advantages:

The elite’s feedback will be published in 2A Magazine which could be reflecting an architectural impact at international level.

Having a ready list of effective and capable professionals whom can be helpful and contacted during crisis or other needed occasions.