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Persistent innovation and research are integral to facilitate progressive architectural practice world over. The 2A Architectural Center for Research has been established with this purpose in mind. History has evidenced that research and innovation in the architecture Arena have led to constructive social, economic, and sustainable developments throughout the world. Research and innovation have also drastically improved the quality of life throughout the world. Hence as a responsible citizen of the architecture world, it is very important to contribute consistent efforts towards research and innovation of architectural designs. At the pivot of 2ACRD’s focus is to create new and improved architectural solutions that adequately address today’s business issues and efficiently improve the architectural standards worldwide. The 2ACRD is a crucial effort towards prudent architectural problem-solving and towards the exchange of architecture knowledge, new ideas, cultural treasures, technological advancements and sustainable methodologies globally.
Becoming a member of this pristine architectural effort is a privilege in more ways than one. Some of the advantages associated with the 2ACRD’s prestigious membership card are listed below; however, they are not limited to the same.

Professionals including but not limited to architecture designers can apply (for eg. Interior designers, Award organizers, Architectural movie creators, Architectural Scholars, etc)

• The 2A Architectural Center for Research and Design acts as a significant source of eminent architects and an extremely credible reference of professionalism.
• As a valuable member of 2ACRD, you will receive the VIP invitation of its annual and biannual award ceremonies.
• It offers exceptional networking potential spectacular professional opportunities for architects, developers and builders to advance their careers.
• You will receive the honorary annual subscription of 2A Magazine and unlimited access to all 2A Magazine articles.
• The cardholder can present the card in different eminent listed places to get official support.
• The 2ACRD cardholder can immensely benefit from the international interaction and exchange of groundbreaking architectural ideas undertaken at the 2ACAA forum. As a member of 2ACRD, you can also choose to act as a lecturer at the 2ACAA forum.
• As a member of 2ACRD, you can create a page on ArchiPedia to promote your professional Endeavours in the field of architecture globally.
The fee for procuring the 2ACRD’s standard membership card is 325 USD. This fee include the mailing fee. It applies to architects, faculty members, fellow international associates, institutes, colleges and universities.

Becoming a prestigious member of 2ACRD is surely a unique and strategic opportunity to expand your horizons to the best of your potential and the best of your professional interests. The membership of the 2ACRD is an excellent opportunity to become a significant part of the architectural arena through exceptional networking, international architectural exposure, exchange of groundbreaking ideas, acquisition of crucial architectural knowledge, contribution to global architectural innovation and research and acceleration of your career growth. This opportunity is worthy way beyond its monetary value. This is a prudent self-investment and a significant global contribution simultaneously. It’s a value-adding opportunity that you must make the most of while you can. Not everybody can contribute to the efforts towards shaping the future world. Only a chosen few such as the 2ACRD members can proudly do so.

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